CuLture, nature And People - Meeting Points of Lithuania, The Czech Republic and Bulgaria (CLAP)
ERASMUS + KD2 – Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices  
Култура, природа и хора - обмен на идеи между Литва, Чехия и България (2014 – 2016)
Програма Еразъм +,  Дейност КД2 – Сътрудничество за иновации и обмен на добри практики – стратегически партньорства, сектор „Училищно образование“

Rokiskio Juozo Tumo- Vaizganto gimnazija (Rokiskis) - Литва
-    Gymnazium Dr. Emila Holuba (Holice) – Република Чехия
-    2АЕГ „Т. ДЖЕФЕРСЪН“, СОФИЯ - България

Aims of the project:
- to promote unconventional methods and non-traditional places of teaching and learning of different subjects
- to raise students’ motivation by capturing their attention and developing their self-confidence and readiness for effective learning results, collaboration and communication
- to develop creative, responsible and open-minded personalities who are open to other cultures, able to adopt innovative life and possess leadership qualities
- to develop knowledge and understanding among the young people and their teachers of the usefulness of Web 2.0 tools, Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) materials, as well as foreign language communication skills and native language competence
CLAP website:
Videos 2ELS, Sofia
Stone churches:

Участници от 2АЕГ: 10 клас и  преподаватели по АЕ, История и цивилизация, География и икономика, Биология и здравно образование, Химия и опазване на околната среда
Продукти на 2АЕГ:

- Коледно клипче (Лили и Вержи)
Коледно клипче (Ива)
 Cooking - Final
– Марти и Мира 
– Дани Димитрова
– 10  ж – кисело мляко

Полезни Връзки


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